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Im sorry many others were born into miserable realities, but why should i make myself miserable to assist them to?Look at how here many hate me since my nationality?I hate the federal government just as much as the next guy, the ones on rt wish death on me and my family cause of our passports.It will be decades before i feel sympathy.You sense so strongly about fukushima?Empty your money in support.Go get a shovel and plane ticket and cleaning it up yourself.Or be noiseless.Allowing a loser a keyboard and google and he thinks he has every solution.So get to after that it.Weaver 10.12.2013 02:04 Our high prison human inhabitants are due to our demographics, Not new york state.Bing or search:Private prisons suing states for millions if it normally won't stay full, low crime rates bad for businesses for white owned private prisons;They demand states place them full, now just who will be these owners, thos e curious about tracing ownership to actual persons who own large stakes in prison companies, and who exercise control over firms, should browse the investments and exchange commission filings for both cca and geo,

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